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Hearing Aid Compatibility

Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) has become an area of specialization. We offer testing to ANSI C63.19 and compliance design assistance. What to do your own testing? We offer near-field scanners for field maping as well as a combination T-Coil Magnetometer / Sound Level Meter.

Hearing Aid Compatibility Testing

Full testing to ANSI C63.19-2001. Compliance evaluation to the 2003 FCC rules for mobile handset HAC. Testing includes:

Sample Test Report




T-Coil Signal Map

RF Near Field Scanning

The TEM Consulting near field scanner is a high precisions positioner that supports the precise movement of field probes. Using our scanning positioner field maps of planes and volumes can be developed to assist engineers in antenna design, analyzing and solving EMC problems and mapping signal intensity.

Animations of Near Field Scanner

The following animation files show the near field scanner in action:




T-Coil Magnatometer / Sound Level Meter

The T-Coil Magnatometer / Sound Level Meter is an essential tool for anyone designing phones for T-Coil Hearing Aid Compatibility.



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